Dolphin Cruise

Quick Details

Duration: 90 Minutes – 2 Hours

Times: 8:45am, 11:30am, 2:00pm, 4:30pm, 6:30pm

Days: daily availability through October

Amenities: plenty of seating, great view from anywhere on the boat, air-conditioned salon area, restroom

Special military pricing available with valid ID.

Private cruises and group rates for more than 15 people available!

SO MUCH MORE than just a dolphin tour!

The fun begins with a relaxing ride around the area to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the nearby bays, and sometimes out into the Gulf of Mexico! Only a few of the dolphin cruises in the area can go into the Gulf and we are one of them!! Along the way, we will take the opportunity to interact with some of the marine wildlife, including dolphins of course!

The Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphin, abundant in our local waters, provide great entertainment for everyone, young or old.  You will love watching how they interact with us and each other.  Dolphins are very social animals so when you see one dolphin, there are sure to be more dolphin very close by.  You will be amazed at how they play with each other and have such a good time when we are out with them!

Our deckhands are well prepared to educate our guests and answer questions about dolphin and other marine wildlife. Each trip, they will pull one of our crab traps and give young guests a chance to pet or carefully hold a live blue crab or whatever else may be in the trap that day.

If pirates should be seen on the horizon, we will have to attack… with our super soaker water guns! You may wish to bring towel, just in case they see us coming and retaliate. We assure you that we will win this battle!!! No worries for those who don’t care to get wet, there are dry zones available and the captain will announce those prior to the attack.

Our 6:30pm cruise is a special cruise. Join us for a beautiful sunset on the water while we look for dolphins and marine wildlife and experience a beautiful Orange Beach sky!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you would like for us to throw your significant other overboard, just let the deckhand know. After all, someone has to end up as shark bait, right? What happens on the boat, stays on the boat!

Our amenities include plenty of seating, a roomy deck with a great view from anywhere on the boat, an indoor, air-conditioned salon area, and a restroom. Please feel free to bring along snacks and drinks, or purchase something at our snack bar that is located inside the salon. Souvenirs of the cruise are also available.

We welcome children of all ages, large parties, small parties, individuals and families. In addition to our regularly scheduled cruises, we can private parties including weddings, memorial services, rehearsal parties, birthday parties, company gatherings, clubs, field trips, sports teams, youth groups, etc.  Whatever your need, let us know and we will do what we can to give you the best possible experience! We can also accommodate most special needs just make sure to let us know what you need when you make your reservation.