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About Our Dolphins

Get to know the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin!

The Cruise Orange Beach crew introduces the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, a delightful, long-time friend.

This quirky, entertaining fellow never fails to put a smile on the face of anyone who watches him. With a host of impressive traits, this bewitching sea mammal never ceases to amaze.

The Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin is, by far, the most common and well-known member of the oceanic dolphin family. Find him in the warm, temperate seas of the Atlantic Ocean living amongst his group of 1000 members, called a pod.

His adorable appearance consists of a short, stubby, “bottlenose” snout, making you forget that he is a well-adapted marine mammal. His sleek, grey conical body allows him to move with incredible facility underwater.

His curved mouth, etched in a permanent smile, draws you to him instantly. The Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin is as friendly as he seems. Watch from one of our cruise ships as he splashes around near it, just to say hello!

Even after running cruises on the Gulf Coast all these years, the Cruise Orange Beach crew is still mesmerized by him. His high mental and emotional intelligence is responsible for connecting with humans immediately. Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT), which includes swimming with one in a tank, is popular because it positively affects a person’s emotional well-being. Watching dolphins on one of our cruises is effective treatment for the blues!

This empathetic, sociable fellow connects with his own kind as well. The Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin communicates regularly with his friends. Dolphin schools readily help their injured members.

This sleek fellow’s high speeds leave you completely in awe. Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins can reach lightning speeds of up to 35 km/h. which allows them to keep up with our cruise ships. Even the most competent scuba diver can find it difficult to keep up with him, because he dives to unreachable depths of up to 915 m. Watch him do this with ease, holding his breath for an astounding seven minutes.

The way he uses echolocation simply fascinates. This sound expert tracks his prey by creating a variety of clicking noises, whistles and chirps with his nasal sac and blowhole. Sounds travel through his lower jaw to his well-tuned inner ear, allowing him to listen to the messages his friends send. You can hear him use his own, unique whistle to communicate with his group if you go on one of our cruises!


He simply loves to play and often does so by leaping out of the ocean’s waters abruptly to stun his audience. Let him tease you as he peeks from the ocean’s surface, grinning as his tongue sticks out of his mouth. His antics will amuse you as you stand on the deck of our ship!

Come join us, because the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin is ready to put on a show for you!